What Would 13 Extra Weeks a Year Do for You? Would you get more done?

Woman with clenched teeth, eyes squinted, and ready to pull her hair out with frustration.
Feeling frazzled?

How would an extra 13 weeks a year change things for you?

How would it change your life? Stronger, happier relationship with your kids? Renewed love with your partner? Less stress, feel better?  More sleep? Increased energy, so you get more done?

Without change, your health, relationships, and career all suffer.  You can’t take care of others or do your best work when you’re a stressed-out, tired, frazzled mess.

Are you driven and get the care of an old VW bug or a  pampered Mercedes? Are you parked in the gravel or in the garage? 

Want to change it? It’s time for a Me-Cedes and I can help you. It may sound too good to be true, but I’ve done it myself.  I ditched the toxic superwoman gerbil wheel, and stressed out and tired.

I get more done in fewer hours. Eating healthier, sleeping better, and getting my step count. Hubby and I enjoy quality time every evening. And the next chapter of my career is growing and expanding.

Discover and enjoy:

Week 1: The Secret to Extreme Self-care! Feel more relaxed, Sleep better, and have more energy. (Remember what the airline stewardess says – put your own mask on first… self-care.)

Week 2: Take Back Time & Get more done – How to get 13 Weeks of Life Back Per Year. Set your vision and follow your dreams. Then put the 13-Week Productivity Method to work.

Week 3: Discover Your Fulfillment Roadmap. Put your career goals into place for immediate, intermediate, and long-term success.

Week 4: Ditch Superwoman – She’s TOXIC! Do this instead. Non-toxic techniques to get more done and have more fun.

For private help, message me: [email protected]

Or, join us in 13 Extra Weeks:  How to Escape the “Busy Trap” and Get 25% More Free Time Every Year. A 4-week program to get you started enjoying life and your career more.

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