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Let’s talk wellness!  Embracing wellness means deliberately working toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Wellness includes all aspects of body health, mind health and spirit or soul health.  Fitness, food choices, learning, experiencing, traveling, sharing and connecting with others.

Experiences like food tasting, travel, learning, and being in the outdoors are just three key components of wellness. It doesn’t matter where and how you enjoy them—at home, across the country or abroad.

We, women, love travel experiences and we love to do it together or with that special someone in our life.  Experiencing something new or different. Taking time out to relax and have fun. Time to connect with others.

It might be spas, shopping, cooking classes, dining out, or exploring. It’s certainly about visiting inspiring places, friendly people, and history.

We are also looking for ways to be healthier longer – Welcome to Wellness! Let 60 be the new 40, and 80 the new 60. Wellness helps us discover our own beauty, stay independent, feel useful and thrive far beyond our dreams.

Judith is your wellness insider sharing ideas on healthier bodies, minds and emotional connections with others.
Judith Culp Pearson
Spa Wellness Insider

Insider?  Yes.  I’ve been in the spa industry and traveling and savoring experiences for 30+ years.  As an insider of this wellness niche, I hope to share ideas, inspiration and overcoming challenges.

Things that help us live a longer healthier life.  Things that help us look vibrant, feel younger and enjoy life more.

Wellness experiences…

Did you know travel can improve your well being? We have all experienced that ah-ha moment when you know you need to get away.  You are stressed to the breaking point. That is the moment you start an escape to enhance wellness.

Health is no longer just about being disease free.  It is now defined as taking steps toward wellness – better health physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy a weekend sitting at the lake or the ocean. Participate in an activity you really enjoy or learn something new. Go for a walk or zip line in the jungle. Take a cooking class, enjoy a great meal.

Unwind at a spa, visit wine country, explore somewhere new. Experience a new culture, learn something, have an adventure… they’re all part of wellness.  Take time to disconnect and go have fun, relax, play.  It’s good for your health.

Wellness travel ideas and tips…

Explore fun travel ideas.  Visit a castle in Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales.  Share the mystical energy of ancient standing stones.  Stay at a glorious spa resort… or a 200-year-old inn.   Get out of the big cities and see another side of their culture… where the locals live.

Chain restaurants can be reliable… but you might have more fun exploring where the locals eat. In all my years of travel, I’ve never been disappointed in opting to try a locals’ favorite.

One of the early things I discovered was suitcases can get heavy very quickly.  And if you’re visiting Europe… hotel elevators are much smaller than they are in the US.  It pays to pack smart in lots of ways.  Easier on your back, easier if you have to go two blocks to the local train station… and it makes you look like a smart, experienced traveler. I never travel with anything more than an expandable 24″ suitcase these days.

We’ll explore the ins and outs of international car rental, telephone use, insurance, skin care and roaming data use.  Ever had to travel with someone with physical challenges? I have tips to share. What do you need to take into consideration for those with medical issues?  Navigating in an unknown destination or foreign country. How do you travel with someone whose travel goals are very different from yours?

How to power travel like a pro…

This category will discuss issues like

  • When to buy your tickets
  • Pros and cons of traveling during the high season
  • Fun off-season visits where you’ll feel like a local
  • Finding the hidden gems of where ever you’re going
  • Planning a travel agenda… how much, how long and when to take a break
  • Planes, trains, ships, or automobiles… or what about a bus?
  • Need help planning your own trip?  I can help you with that.  General ideas, hotel suggestions based on your specific interests. As a consultant, you can take the information and book your own or call an agent. But it won’t be a cookie-cutter experience. Let’s discover you.
  • Questions to ask to make sure you get the package you want and the help you need.
  • Tips to make your next spa experience the best ever.
  • When upgrading might be worth it.
  • Planning your flights to help you stay healthy and… fit.
Staying fit while you travel…

It’s great to have a healthy lifestyle at home, but today’s travelers have recognized the benefits of keeping healthy going while traveling.  We’ll find tips to help your travel support your fitness and healthy eating goals.  We’ll discover how to find places to stay that support a wellness lifestyle.  Finding farm-to-table restaurants and fresh healthy food choices.  And we’ll talk about what to do when you can’t find those in your destination.

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